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A Plaftorm to manage push contents,
audio recognition and more

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Do you want to incorporate an Audio Recognition System to your App?


Automatic Content Recognition is becoming the core of second screen apps in the entertainment industry. Our multi-patented technology is being used by app developers, broadcasters, production companies... You can use our software development kit to identify live broadcast or recorded audio.

Do you want to interact individually with your users?

Inbounds SDK

send call to action, inbounds, extra content

Make every interaction count. The shift to digital has greatly expanded the number of channels used by customers. This unprecedented growth in digital interactions from connected customers is fueling the rise of big data. Customers experience a journey comprised of a sequence of interactions that span channels and devices. Combined with backend-as-a-service any developer can use our APIs to build adaptive apps powered to deliver digital experiences tailored to individual customer needs

Build Awesome Apps using API-Driven Backend

improve user engagement, building awesome functionalities

mashPlatform is highly scalable API management platform that enables developers to create and build digital experiencies in second screens, manage, scale, and analyze digital business.

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